Jason Ramsey


  • Indonesia


I have an MS in kinesiology, and I am trained in various modalities of functional and rehabilitation exercise (including but not limited to: Pilates, The National Association of Sports Medicine corrective exercise, yoga, Schroth Method, and the Stuart McGill Method).  In my private practice, my focus is on treating people with chronic back pain.  Additionally, I’m currently working on a graduate certificate in chronic pain management from McGill University in Canada.  By adding this qualification to my current skill set, I hope to be able to give my clients very complete comprehensive back pain.

I’m very interested in the study of the breath first of all because it has such an enormous impact on health in general.  Every person can benefit from studying breathing technique.  Beyond that, biomechanically proper breathing during movement and exercise is essential for people with chronic back pain to avoid musculoskeletal strain and injury.  Furthermore, breathing techniques that create the optimal balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, as do the practices taught by Patrick McKeown, are very beneficial for all types of chronic pain.  Because of this, teaching proper breathing to my clients is critical.

I’m an American, but I now live and work on the island of Java in Indonesia, in the city of Bandung.

The best way to contact me is by my email below

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