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Jean-Philippe is an IT Senior Program and Project Manager professional with 20+ years of experience in European Institutions, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy and Manufacturing areas. He is French and lives in Strasbourg area with his family.

Besides his professional occupation, Jean-Philippe is an experienced triathlete who qualified 2 times for each of the prestigious Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships. He is also a strong indoor rower, holding France national records in his age and weight category on the hour, half marathon and full marathon distances.

On top of training and recovery, Jean-Philippe has always been interested in finding solutions to stay fit and to progress safely on the long term. Training optimization is only one part of the story: better nutrition and well-being, stress management, functional movement and breathing improvement are some other pillars that helped Jean-Philippe to reach his objectives.

Jean-Philippe thinks that “Knowledge is nothing if it is not shared with others”: supporting and guiding people to reach their own objectives is a high source of motivation for him and he helped a significant amount of persons with different profiles and motivations to reach their own objectives: improve overall health/athletic performance, look/feel better, having more energy, move better… and now breathe better. He will know how to support and help you to successfully achieve your goals and he will also give you the keys to make progress with full autonomy, which is the ultimate objective!

As an Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Certified Instructor, Jean-Philippe is able to assist people in order to improve their functional breathing pattern and therefore reach significant achievements like: to sleep better, think better, perform better in sport, achieve better results in the professional life with their stress under control, lose weight, manage diseases like asthma and snoring. Breathing is a very powerful body function that can be impaired over the time, paying attention to it and making the decision to put it back on track is the first step to make; Jean-Philippe will do the rest and will guide you on the road of your success.

As a Core Team Member of Eat Better, Not Perfect and Live Better, Not Perfect coaching company, the options to contact Jean-Philippe are:

In his quest of helping others to enhance their way of life, Jean-Philippe also holds the following certifications:

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) for nutrition coaching,
  • DNAFit Certified Professional for nutrition, health and sport coaching management based on the results and analysis of a DNA test,

and he is preparing the following ones:

  • Functional Movement Screen Level 2 (FMS2) and Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) for movement pattern improvement and correction (objective: end of 2022),
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certificate for strength and mobility development, applied to different sports (objective: mid of 2023).
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