Jeff Carley


  • Canada



Jeff brings a wealth of personal experience as a dedicated age-group athlete to his coaching approach. With a background in marathons, Ironman triathlons, and ultra trail running, his athletic journey has been marked by determination, discipline, and an increased understanding of the body’s demands during endurance events.

Having experienced many challenges in the realm of endurance sports, Jeff has learned the benefit of optimizing respiratory function for athletic performance and overall well-being. Motivated by his own positive experience, he studied the necessary courses to become a certified Oxygen Advantage, Oxygen Advantage for Yoga and Buteyko Clinic instructor.

Jeff would like to help the more mature age group athlete unlock their full potential, combining his knowledge of breath work with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by older athletes. His coaching goes beyond performance enhancement, focusing on enhanced vitality that optimized breathing can bring.

For those seeking Jeff’s guidance, whether they are looking to excel in their chosen sport or simply improve their overall sense of well-being, his personalized approach can be reached at [email protected].

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