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My name is Jeff Gonzell and I work in the mental health field. I am a coach for substance abuse and mental health. I’m currently living in Costa Mesa, CA. My ideal client is someone that suffers from anxiety, depression and or wants to develop a tool that can positively influence his or her emotions. If you can learn how to control your breathe, you can learn to control any situation in life. I want to work with children/adults that struggle with high anxiety and depression.

My first encounter with breath work was with the Wim Hof method. I then experienced the power of what a regular breathing practice can do for the empowerment of an individual. The journey continued but I started to noticed my body seemed like it was constricting/spasming during the hyperventilating method of Wim Hof.

I did more research and found the Oxygen Advantage (much safer and more beneficial breathing technique.) I started breathing through my nose and taping my mouth at night. I used to grind my teeth during sleep and quality of sleep was a hit or miss. After tapping my quality of sleep improved drastically. Performance during workouts and training for ultra-marathons skyrocketed. I noticed I wasn’t walking around stressed all day.

Using the Functional Breathing practice in the morning for me is ideal, keeps me grounded to the breath and more present than without it. Tasks and daily goals started to get crush and seemed easy. My energy was overflowing! Being in recovery from alcohol myself I could not wait to get certified and share this life changing tool with my current clients and future clients! Looking forward to working together.

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