Jelle Schut


  • Netherlands



I am Jelle Schut and 2022 was one of the most remarkable years in my life. I became a certified Wim Hof method instructor, level one breathwork biohacker instructor (Kasper van der Meulen) and an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breating instructor. Everybody has those moments in life when you ask yourself if what you are doing is the right thing. A moment like that changed my lifein 2019. After the loss of a loved one and some other difficult thing to deal with I began to practice the Wim Hof ​​method and from that moment on it`s all different. Now a few years later I give workshops and breathing sessions in my hometown in Egmond (near the beach).

I notice that peoples and companies begin to realize that our breath is one of the key things for a healthy life. The story and science behind the breath is easy and complex at the same time. In my workshops I combine all that knowledge to give the people an experience that will help them to take the next step.

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