Jeudy Arias
Costa Rica


  • Costa Rica



I am a leader in finance and accounting organizations in the corporate world, Oxygen Advantage and the breathwork techniques came to me as the perfect solution to improve my daily performance and deal with the high levels of stress in my daily work.

I love practicing sports, right now I practice weightlifting, functional movements, and hiking. In the past, I have practiced Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, and Soccer.

I am passionate about human performance; Oxygen Advantage allows me to improve my performance in the corporate world and allows me to share useful practices with the organization.

In the past, I suffered from dysfunctional breathing, which affected the quality of my sleep, I remember getting up in the middle of the night with my mouth and throat completely dried, so I needed to drink a glass of water to continue sleeping. Learning the Oxygen Advantage techniques improves me a lot my sleep and my overall wellness.

I would like to help bring the Oxygen Advantage practices to the corporate world to improve the wellness of other people that might be suffering from the same I experienced in the past.

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