Jim McFadyen


  • Scotland


My name is Jim McFadyen, I have been on a journey of personal and spiritual development for over 25 years. I almost lost my life as a young man and have been working all those years with tools, techniques and practices that have helped me on my own path to Natural Health, Vitality and Wellbeing.

I have loads of different sporting experience including professional football as a young man (career ended with injury at 20), Black Belt in Shito Ryu Karate, Multiple Full Distance Iron Man Triathlons, Ultra Distance Running and Cycling as a recreational athlete.

I opened up my own – ‘The Vortex Centre for Wellbeing’ in 2016 and teach Breathwork, Cold Exposure (I’ve been a Wim Hof Method Cert Instructor since 2017), Meditation, The Power of Awareness, The Power of Intention and I’m also a practitioner of Energy Medicine (Healing by Intention).

I came across OA in 2017 and it took me a few years for the space to unfold that allowed me the time required to become part of this incredible work.

I am primarily drawn towards anyone suffering from mental health and trauma as this has been my own story. I believe that no matter how much someone is struggling there is always a natural way back to balance and vitality.

I use our natural environment here in Scotland and the helping hand of Mother Nature as a big part of that process. The Intentional (and now Functional Breath) are the absolute shortcut in my experience to anyone looking to make things better.

I am based in central Scotland in a town called Lanark, married 21 years with 2 grown up children.

My intention with my work is very simple – Reconnect those who are asking back to how we are supposed to feel and live as human beings.

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