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Jo Brierley, founder of The Breathing Clinic, is a certified Functional Breathing Therapist and Breath-Body-Mind (TM) Teacher.

She discovered the healing power of the breath when she and her daughter were involved in the Manchester Arena Terrorist attack in 2017. The overwhelming effect this work had on her trauma, PTSD, stress and anxiety after the atrocity, led her to go on to train with some the world’s leaders in this field – such as Dan Brule, Dr Patricia Gerbarg & Dr Richard Brown form the USA and her training with Patrick McKeown, which allows her to specialise as an International Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner, and an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor.

Jo is passionate about empowering her clients to become ambassadors of their own health and wellbeing in order to reach their full potential – As a Functional Breathing Therapist she re – educates people on how to breathe correctly, reverse dysfunctional breathing patterns and addresses poor breathing habits

Jo achieves incredible results in helping people with:

  • Mental Health, – PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Depression and Low Mood.
  • Sleep issues – Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns…
  • Respiratory Health – Asthma, Rhinitis, Allergies, COPD and Long Covid
  • Hormonal Health – supporting women transitioning through the Menopause
  • Sports performance – allowing individuals to reach their full potential, and reducing their risk of injury through improved functional movement
  • Overall performance – Improving focus, concentration and calm, benefitting all aspects of life, especially in the workplace

Jo works with clients one to one, internationally via Zoom and face to face in the Greater Manchester area. She develops bespoke breathing therapy plans, allowing her to teach science backed breathing protocols that will, given commitment and a dedicated practice, see amazing results in ones overall health, well being and performance

“Jo’s knowledge of the breath and its many benefits is phenomenal. She has trained with the very best and it clearly shows. From increasing your athletic performance to having greater calmness in your life, it’s highly important you don’t miss out.  Within 4 weeks, my wife and I both noticed how much of a profound difference her work had on our wellbeing. How we feel and perform now, in our everyday lives really can be taken to a new level. Don’t dismiss this area of health, it really will change you for the better!”
Steve Hand, Cheshire

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