Joanna Bednarek


  • Scotland



My name is Jo and I am based in Edinburgh where I offer in person breathwork classes and workshops.

For the past three years however I’ve been moving more and more into virtual delivery of my work which can reach more people.
I have been teaching different breathing techniques for the past 5 years. Starting with Pranayama practices learnt at Kundalini Yoga teacher training course which I attended back then.

After that I went into breathwork modalities which help to improve lung capacity, to help with Asthma, sleep apnoea, anxiety, breathlessness and long Covid recovery. I also combine shamanic practises with deep breathwork journeys for using breath to help with unreleased emotions and traumas.

Recently I have been working on protocols to help Vagus Nerve toning using breath, HRV ,movement and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

I work in few Functional Medicine health practices in Edinburgh as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Neurofeedback Therapist.

Strongly believe that breath is the missing pillar of health and everyone should first of all know about functional breathing and then have regular daily breathwork practices in place for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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