Joe Brandow
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I’m a US Navy veteran and a Licensed Massage Therapist; certified as a RAPID Neurofascial Reset (NFR) Specialist. With a breadth of knowledge and certifications in manual therapy, functional movement, primal health, and personal training I use a holistic approach to address my client’s health and movement issues. In my work as a RAPID NFR specialist I discovered that many people have restricted diaphragms which often leads to disordered breathing and movement compensation.

I discovered Patrick McKeown’s work on a couple of podcasts. Patrick’s passion and knowledge inspired me to read his book, the Oxygen Advantage, and then I began to dive into the practice of improving my own breathing. I decided to become a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor in order to get additional training and be able to share that knowledge with my clients, friends, and family.

I’m located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. I offer in-person and online 1-on-1 coaching and small group workshops.

For more information, please see my contact information.

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