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Joe Somodi is a distinguished breath training and mental performance expert with over two decades of experience under his belt. As a master yoga educator and breath coach, Joe has transformed the lives of countless individuals, ranging from corporate professionals to athletes, and nonprofit organizations across the United States. His tailored, interactive programs have been pivotal in fostering lifelong habits that boost both physical and mental prowess

Having touched the lives of thousands through hundreds of inspiring classes and workshops, Joe is renowned for his exceptional ability to seamlessly blend yoga, meditation, and the Oxygen Advantage, crafting an immersive and motivating breath training experience.

Currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Joe offers his expertise both in-person and online, while also enthusiastically traveling near and far to reach eager students. His prestigious clientele includes Yale University Golf, IMG Academy, and Georgetown University, with a focus on college athletes. However, his passion and knowledge also extend to local high schools and corporations, where he is often invited as a guest speaker or workshop leader.

Equipped with numerous accreditations in yoga, meditation, and breath training, Joe is also a certified Life Coach and a devoted Special Olympics volunteer and advocate. His passion for self-improvement and the well-being of others is unparalleled.

When Joe isn’t empowering others to reach their full potential, he enjoys the outdoor life in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his loving husband and their adored Australian Shepherd, Brody, who’s living the pampered life he deserves. As a former Division 1 collegiate golfer, Joe still cherishes his time on the golf course, even if his scores are a bit humbly higher now.

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