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I first took a deep dive into the Oxygen Advantage® method while working for Patrick McKeown as a researcher and writer in 2019. I helped Patrick as he wrote The Breathing Cure and Atomic Focus and have written for Oxygen Advantage® ever since.

This had the beneficial side effect that I began paying a lot of attention to my own breathing.

As I developed more knowledge of the breath, friends would ask me questions about breathing. I’d read literally hundreds of research papers on the topic and was practicing the exercises, but I wanted to feel I could advise people in a more formal, safe capacity. And so, I decided to train to become a breathing instructor.

My first study was classical violin. I have performed as a freelance musician for many years. I fully understand the struggles behind performance anxiety and physical injury, and the fact that mindset work and practice may not be sufficient if the physiology is wrong.

In 2007, poor core strength and mental stress led to a slipped disc that took me away from professional music for almost a year. My recovery involved physiotherapy, meditation, and the start of an ongoing yoga practice.

Now based near Totnes in Devon, UK, I still write and read about breathing almost every day, and I paint too.

I’m happy to work with clients in person or online via Zoom. I have experience using the breathing exercises to help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PMS/menopause
  • Poor sleep
  • Supporting addiction recovery…

And with professional musicians who want to prevent injury and address performance anxiety.

There is so much more to the breath than we imagine. Learning a few simple exercises and techniques can make the world of difference to how we show up for ourselves.

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