Johannes Egberts


  • Australia



An Oxygen Advantage Instructor, avid biohacker and world-class breathwork specialist, Johannes Egberts grew up in the Netherlands and has committed his life’s work to the pursuit of peak human health and performance.

Johannes has been learning, practicing and teaching a wide range of holistic philosophies and approaches to self-care for more than a decade. He’s studied under Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton, Patrick McKeown, Professor Marc Cohen and other leading experts.

Breathwork is the single most powerful and available tool he’s found and shared to achieve health, happiness and strength so far…

Currently based in Sydney, Australia – Johannes is the founder of Breathless, a leading adventure travel & education organisation, sits on the board of wellness & performance programs for some of Australia’s largest companies and been blessed to work with sports teams including the NZ NRL Warriors, NZ Ferns, Wim Hof, Prof. Marc Cohen, Ludovico Einaudi and David Goggins to name but a few.

Johannes has been on the forefront of the breath-work industry in Australia and worldwide for the last five years teaching over 3000 people hands on through hundreds of workshops, retreats & programs tailored to every environment imaginable.


Johannes holds the following relevant certifications:

– Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor

– Wim Hof Method Instructor (2018 – 2020)

– PADI Master Freediving Instructor

– Heartmath Instructor

– Buteyko Institute Method Instructor (Breathcoach)

– XPT Coach

– Yoga Teacher (YTT200HR)

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