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I am passionate about educating on self-awareness, knowing and understanding our unique potential for health and well-being, and to share the knowledge that it is not as hard as many might believe to reach your realistic and achievable life ambitions. In fact, when you understand the psychology of habits, motivations and the ‘why’ we do things, I believe everyone’s untapped potential can be unblocked, unlocked and cranked wide open. However, simplicity is my mantra. I avoid detailed and complex.

I first came across Patrick and breathwork when working for a Full Body Dental and Wellness Practice in 2013. My eyes were truly opened to the wonderous peaks and calm contentment that the human body achieves when everything is in balance. But equally, how small changes can negatively affect this homeostasis, and if left unchecked, can result in potential long-term suffering and illness, whether that be physical, chemical, psychological, or combinations of them all.

Every day I see many amazing doctors, therapists, nurses and staff across the dental and medical professions, however, sadly too many are succumbing to creeping, insidious health issues; musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s), reduced energy & motivation, chronic fatigue, and the big one; increased stress and anxiety. These issues are not new, and worryingly, they are on the rise. My passion is to help as many people as possible, in both business and private settings, to recognize these dangers and give them the tools and skills to ideally avoid, or begin to correct imbalance and to live their best life possible.

Breathing Well… Breathing Right… Breathing for Long Life is where it all Begins… and Ends.

John Bennett – Dynamic Performance Coaching

Online coaching available globally. In person UK, Based Bath & London

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