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I’ve been involved in athletics since I could walk. From baseball, basketball & football through my youth and high school years, to jiu-jitsu in my more adult years. I competed in several jiu-jitsu competitions from age 30-33. Jiu-Jitsu led me to yoga; yoga led me to my interest in breathing. Having received my 200 hour certification in power vinyasa yoga in 2016 from the Mystic Yoga Shala, I teach around south eastern Connecticut at several studios along with private lessons. I recently completed my first full year with the University of Connecticut Avery Point Men’s Basketball team as their head yoga/meditation/breath work coach.

I was first introduced to the Oxygen Advantage® by the world renowned trainer Steve Maxwell in Brussels, Belgium. Through my own applications from the Buteyko and the Oxygen Advantage® methods, I realized how powerful these exercises can be. I had always assumed breathing was one of my strengths, but quickly discovered it was a weakness that needed attention. I completed my certification training with Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor Don Gordon in November of 2018 in Santa Clara, CA.

Working on becoming the best version of myself is my committed lifetime goal; sharing that information is my passion. From yoga, meditation, mobility exercises, resistance training to breathing, I believe each piece plays a central role in becoming the best version of oneself. Along with my continued work and certifications in yoga and breath work, I look to further add more education/certifications to pass information along to all my clients.

I’m based out of South Eastern Connecticut, but am willing to travel around the northeast to share this vital information.

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