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Hello! My name is Jon. In learning to work with the breath has helped me learn to regulate my own nervous system. In experimentation with several breath practices I’ve personally found the greatest benefit has been derived from the calmer breath training practices such as the ones I’ve learned from The Oxygen Advantage. In a past life I was an addict, behaviors I now see as attempts to self regulate. As I developed my skill set initially as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have come to understand that the breath is paramount and sits at the epicenter of human movement. Utilizing the tools and techniques to reprogram calm and conscious breathing patterns has been the single most powerful shift in my capacity both physically and mentally and has taught me to act from a place of calm awareness instead of impulsive reactivity in order to cope with and move through stress, anxiety, fear and trauma with grace and compassion.

I am CHEK Level 2 practitioner. I have a small practice out of Calgary, Canada where I use holistic principles with clients one on one and in small groups, both in person and online to help to restore a sense of balance in mind, body and spirit. I focus on creating aligned posture of which proper breathing mechanics is intimately linked. Through the use of movement, awareness practices like meditation and visualizations and breath work I help guide people to an awareness of their center.

Look forward to connecting with you and seeing if I can be of any help in your journey.

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