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Welcome! I am Jonathan Burt Founder of Incremental Health, a functional health & lifestyle coach and corporate wellness event facilitator dedicated to transforming lives through targeted wellness strategies.

I operate in person all over the UK and worldwide via online sessions.

What I Do:

Private Coaching I work with private clients on a one-to-one basis improving all aspects of health and wellbeing, using functional blood testing and in-depth health analysis to determine a specific lifestyle approach tailored to each individual.

Corporate Wellness: I facilitate corporate wellness presentations and events for companies of all different sizes and industries as well as schools, colleges and universities. Educational and interactive sessions combining breathing techniques and movement practices focusing on presence, stress management and improved mental health.

I also bring some of my health coaching experience into the corporate space by educating on physical health areas such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and others.

My Philosophy:

For both of these areas of my work, I heavily use the Oxygen Advantage methods and knowledge of functional breathing for improving overall health and wellbeing with a focus on mental health, stress and emotional regulation both in the workplace and for personal life.

I honestly feel that if I wasn’t trained in functional breathing through Oxygen Advantage, I would be doing a disservice to both my private and corporate clients by having a knowledge gap on something that possibly has the most far-reaching effect on mental & physical health. THE BREATH!

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