Jonathan Schulman


  • Israel



I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the past 8 years. I work with both professional basketball players and with Tactical athletes.

At the age of 3 I was diagnosed with Asthma, a chronic lung disease, and I was prescribed treatment with different inhalers.

As the years went by, I started playing basketball and at age of 18 I advanced to the professional level. All along I was taking my medication and not asking too many questions.

After playing for 10 years I started studying S&C and coaching athletes at all levels.

My mission was and still is to improve myself and my athletes and boost all systems of the body.

I started reading about breathing in order to improve my lung’s function without medication.

After studying and practicing “Oxygen Advantage” I can say that I am at the best shape and performance I have ever been in my life and I am medication free!

The basketball players and military personals I now coach use the breathing exercises as a part of their everyday training regime and they see great improvements in performance and recovery.

I want to help as many athletes as I can to reach their goals by optimizing their breathing and the “Oxygen Advantage” certification gave me the tools to do so.

I studied a BCS in Strength & Conditioning, Basketball coaching, RPR Level 1+2+3 and IP Motor instructor class.

I Personally coach in Israel (Tel Aviv & Jerusalem) and I also preform online coaching.

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