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In the search for physical improvement, but above all, growth on the emotional plane, I started my yoga practice in 2015. I see Yoga as the union of everything. A practice on all social, physical, and emotional planes.

I have focused my practice on Pranayama, as a source of the vital energy that nourishes us in each inhalation. I received the Yoga Instructor certification from Zantory Academy and am part of yoga Alliance RYT 200- YACEP. Also I am part of the “SEP Conocer”, knowledge certification platform, as an Independent Evaluator. Throughout my life I have trained in First Aids, Marine Rescue, Nutrition and Traditional Medicine.

I choose the Oxygen Advantage certification for the scientific foundation that supports this method and how easy it is to put it into practice with beginners as well as with yoginis and athletes in general.

I give on-site and virtual consultations at Yoga Zantory in Cabo San Lucas – Mexico, where I also continue to advance my personal practice. I also collaborate in a community project of resilience where we practice immersions in icy waters, which are the pillar of my daily practice and the Dharma that I offer to those who seek to raise their levels of consciousness through two vital elements that are Prana and Water, which confronts and adapts us in body and soul.

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