José Pedro Magalhães


  • Portugal



I was born in Porto in 1982 and have always been passionate about everything related with Health, Physical Activity and everything connected to Health Optimization. I graduated in Sports from Oporto University in 2007 and became a Personal Trainer since then.

After some more years of studies in Pilates, CrossFit® and more, I opened my own Pilates Studio and, after that, two CrossFit Boxes as a co-owner. To better help manage those businesses, I took an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Business Management. To help me reach even more people, I underwent some additional courses in coaching, PNL and Health Nutrition by Precision Nutrition®.

Currently, I divide my time between teaching Pilates, CrossFit and as a teacher in a Sports Academy School. I am also an online or face to face Health & Fitness Coach for a lot of clients, from high achievers and entrepreneurs to all kind of athletes and big companies or just regular people who want to have better health, more energy or a better quality of life. Now, with the Oxygen Advantage course, I have another powerful tool at my disposal so I can do even better the thing I love most: help people reach their goals and improve their health!

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