Joshua Hackett, MD
United States of America


  • United States of America



Experience the transformative power of breath with Dr. Hackett, a devoted anesthesiologist, Longevity Physician and Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor.

With a unique understanding of the physiological intricacies of the human body, Dr. Hackett can help you navigate the profound intersection between optimal breathing, performance enhancement, and prolonged health. Embark on a mission to elevate your health, sharpen your mindset, and enhance your performance through scientifically-backed breath work techniques. Engage in a unique journey where medical knowledge and holistic breathwork converge, propelling you towards a life defined by vitality, cognitive clarity, and a revitalized spirit.

Dr. Hackett is based in Humboldt County, far Northern California. He is available to work with clients both online and in person.

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