Joshua Hackett
United States of America


  • United States of America



Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an anesthesiologist based in far Northern California, on the coast and under the redwoods. My professional training and daily work has fostered a fascination with cardio respiratory physiology, and naturally, optimized breathing. 

I have always been heavily interested in athletics and fitness. For well over 2 decades I have been experimenting with nutrition, exercise and athletic performance. I have been involved competitively in football, basketball, Brazilian jiu jitsu and surfing. I am also interested in making anyone’s life easier. Whether it’s an easier walk around the block, a better weekend hike, or a more rewarding experience playing backyard football with your kids, I’m all about optimizing that experience! 

As I mentioned, I am based near Arcata, CA, home of Cal Poly Humboldt. I can work with clients both in person and online. I’m looking to assist anyone who desires to do better!

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