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George Bernard Shaw had it right.“  We don’t stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing”.  Human movement, both physical and that generated by the breath, has always fascinated me and brought me joy.  I’ve challenged myself with sprinting to running marathons, playing basketball in high school and college, cycling, tennis and eventually picking up a squash racket and competing later in life.  Despite being diagnosed with asthma at a very young age, I instinctively knew restoring and maintaining proper breathing patterns was important to continuing my passion for movement.  My interest in fitness and health lead me to complete a BA in Biology and a MS in Nutrition along with various certifications as a training & performance coach.  I was first exposed to the Buteyko Method and the concept of Control Pause during my education as a Z-Health Master Trainer.  This deepened my understanding of the connection between the biochemistry of breathing and asthma, while Oxygen Advantage has provided a template of practical exercises for helping others.  While my client base may be diverse, the approach is both holistic and scientific, putting the nervous system and brain at the center of training It not only includes those looking to improve their fitness and sports performance, reduce pain, rehab from injuries, restore flexibility and build strength, but also those seeking to improve their anxiety, stress, focus, cognitive function, asthma, and sleep and recover from long-Covid.  Educating clients about the supportive role of functional breathing patterns, how it impacts on their performance and sense of well-being, and providing them with practical methods that are easy to integrate into their daily routines are all part of aiding their progress and goals. 

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