Jude O’Reilly


  • Ireland


Now based in Dublin, after studying Commerce in UCD, Jude travelled the world for 25 years working primarily with top level professional golfers. What started as a fun “round the world” trip developed into a fascination with, and an exploration into what made the best better than the rest.

The search for the “secrets of high performance” continues, there are many areas involved, yet the 2 areas likely to be not fully addressed and with big scope for improvement are Sleep and Breathing (most of us do both!! but how well and efficient are we in these areas? Are they serving our needs as well as they can?) The Oxygen Advantage is a natural fit for what Jude wants to bring to the table in Performance Improvement.

Using Bio-feedback, Jude tracked the difference the teachings made for him before committing to The Oxygen Advantage. After experiencing and seeing the feedback results, he set about studying further to be able to pass this on to others.

Jude is also a Certified HeartMath Coach, and NLP Master Practitioner and works with elite sports and Executives and Business looking to improve their performance.

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