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In 2020 a 20-minute podcast set me on a journey exploring the practice and science of breathwork. I began to read, research and learn everything I could find on the topic. My search led me to the Oxygen Advantage® and a daily practice of its methods. I experienced an immediate and powerful impact on my health that has forever changed me.

Cardiovascular disease is prevalent in both my extended and immediate family. Treatment for blood pressure with medication is the norm. In 2017 my older sister passed away suddenly at the age of 48 from a myocardial infarction. My blood pressure began to rise in my early 40s and I was diagnosed with prehypertension. My diet was not the problem and I exercised regularly. I was told it was my genetics and I would eventually require medication. I did not know that I was missing a vital part of the solution – awareness of my breathing. When I began a daily practice of breathing exercises combined with nasal breathing 100% during rest, physical exercise and sleeping (I tape my mouth every night) my mental and physical health improved dramatically. My blood pressure normalized. I hope my story will reach someone else who is searching for answers to questions about health. I want to be part of the community of people sharing this information.

I am 48 years old and I feel better and stronger than I ever have. Today I understand how my breathing affects my health and I carry this knowledge and practice with me everywhere. I want to empower other people with this science and practical information.

I have been a lifelong fitness enthusiast and a certified fitness instructor since 2012. I am eager to work with anyone seeking to improve his/her own physical fitness with conscious breathing techniques or anyone curious to know how a daily breathing practice can positively affect their day to day life. I know my upbeat personality combined with my enthusiasm for breathwork and learning will make working with me a fun and meaningful experience. Let’s practice together!

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