Julie Gillmore


  • Hawaii
A certified yoga teacher and practitioner of Oxygen Advantage and Peak Flow respiratory fitness training programs, I have a background working in crisis intervention and trauma prevention. I’m a lifelong learner, and enjoy diving into the philosophy and science of breath. I blend physical movement and breath with a mixture of ancient practices and modern medical research. I have also taught classes about healthy relationships and led workshops on embodiment and self-compassion. I discovered Oxygen Advantage and the Buteyko methods via friends in the water and sport/surfing world, and James Nestor’s book Breath. I now teach yoga, and interactive functional breathing and cold plunge workshops with Peak Flow, as well as one on one sessions. I love to focus on health at all levels; micro to macro, for the planet, as well as for our minds and bodies as individuals and communities.

My happy place is in the water. I am an avid free diver, swimmer, and surfer. I first started discovering the importance of breathing mechanics on my swim team at age six. I have continued to expand the capacity of my lungs and my life experience by learning breath holds of many kinds. I work and live mostly in the Hawaiian Island chains, on the east side of Kauai, and teach both on virtual and in person platforms. I love to work with clients who want to create more joy, and to go deeper into life, and themselves both mentally and physically.

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