Julie Tod
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


I help runners and other active adults resolve chronic injuries, like “wear and tear” conditions and then prevent similar new issues springing up.   I work with my partner (Phil Young OA advanced and Certified Running coach) our company Parinama is based in North Manchester and we have clients from all over the North West of England.

As a holistic corrective exercise and health coach (CHEK practitioner & yoga teacher) I have seen how treating a person as a whole, not as a symptom, with a mind and full body approach is key to resolving injury and health conditions.   Functional, healthy breathing plays a critical part in this, but also in maintaining your body in good working order to prevent new problems springing up.  I integrate OA into my wider services as well as offering stand-alone coaching face to face as well as online.

Despite being fit and what many people would assume healthy, I have faced many challenges to my health in the past, including PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, a variety of physical chronic injuries to my back, hips and shoulders which I have resolved over the years using the techniques I now use with clients to help them. Fitness is not the same as health and it is only by understanding how to improve both that we can live to our fullest potential.   OA helps my clients improve both their health and their sporting performance.  So, if you are struggling with injuries that are holding you back, get in touch for a new approach.

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