Julien Fatisson


  • Canada



Julien, of Rising Falcon Breathwork, is foremost a person who wants to thrive in his life by learning and experimenting whatever life has to offer. He is a Breath Coach, Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Resonant Breathing Therapist, Scientific Researcher and Osteopath.

After his PhD and his Osteopathic Degree, Julien faced anxiety which led him to a burnout and chronic lower back pain. After many years trying everything that medicine could offer without any tangible result, he came back to the basics: breathing. Diving into Breathwork saved him. Now he’s facilitating journeys for others to achieve mind freedom as well. 

Moreover, in his daily practice he realized that many of his clients were not breathing well enough, which could hinder their self-regulatory capacities. However, something was still incomplete: he was limited to biomechanics and somato-emotional tools to help others. 

Always curious and courageous to learn more, he then discovered the Oxygen Advantage method, which gave him scientifically-proven tools to liberate the breath by accessing the missing, and yet essential, part of breathing: biochemistry.
The Oxygen Advantage method allowed him to achieve greater health, tangible and durable results with his clients. Why? Because this amazing method is accessible, powerful and aims to recover functional breathing, which is necessary for functional movement, focus and performance.

Now, Julien teaches Breathing Training face-to-face and to groups in Montreal, Canada and online, in French as well as English.
He is devoted to helping clients who are dedicated to unleash their potential and improve their health. And since he is a high performer and a high achiever himself, he likes to work with people who want to achieve any of their goals with clarity, focus and purpose by harnessing the power of the breath.

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