Julien Jaccard


  • Switzerland


I am a Swiss physiotherapist, I have been working for The Hôpital Riviera-Chablais (Rennaz, Switzerland) for 21 years, as a general practitioner, in orthopedic services, medicine, intensive care, emergency room as a respiratory therapist, and ambulatory treatments – 2 years ago, I have been transferred to a newly built ambulatory care, owned by the same hospital, the “espace santé Valerette, in Aigle, Switzerland.

Being specialized in respiratory treatments, I quickly had to help a growing number of patients with dysfunctional breathing and hyperventilation syndrome – during that same period, I discovered Wim Hof, and grew an interest in breathing techniques, having discovered the importance of functional breathing and its implications on so many aspects of our physiology and mental state – I started to watch dozens of online videos and conferences, discovered heart coherence and completed two online courses on Heart coherence and HRV, used it along with biofeedback on myself and on patients with great success – read James Nestor’s awesome book on breath, then “The Oxygen Advantage” and “Asthma free naturally”, two books that triggered a new passion, and have been devoting all my free time learning and practicing on myself, then started to implement Oxygen Advantage’s techniques on, well, all my patients: COPD patients, asthmatics, people with hyperventilation syndrome and dysfunctional breathing problems, and on patients with a large variety of ailments, using all of Patrick McKeown’s advices to improve their quality of life and heal physically and mentally.

I still read and watch the videos of the OA online certification course every day, and teach with passion the principles of functional breathing to everybody – with the control of the breath, I literally have found my way, as I firmly believe that, with the control of the breath, and the control of the mind, we can drastically help the body to heal itself, as well as prevent a long list of diseases.

The daily success I witness in my everyday practice is a living proof of the depth of these teachings.

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