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My name is Julien, born in 1988.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitionner for more that a decade, i suffered a double cervicalis hernia in 2015. It was during those times that i came across a Vice documentary on Wim Hof and his astonishing method.

In february 2016, after a week of cold exposure and Yoga with Wim in his polish home, my body was healed and my spirit completely shaken.

These 3 practices : Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Wim Hof Method and Yoga, never left me since.

In 2019, i could finally go in India and practice with Rolf and Marci Naujokat.

References in the Yoga World, their teaching is in the same line as Krishnamacharya’s : therapeutic Yoga. Not based on the knowledge of the teacher, but based on his ability to recognize the needs of the student in front of him. Solve physical problems in order to heal the heart and the spirit.

Back from India in june 2020 i started teaching Yoga.

Willing to go further in my understanding of breathing and biohacking, i became a Wim Hof Method and an Oxygen advantage instructor soon after.

I felt very quickly that the OA method, backed with it’s scientifcal approach, would be very complementary with my practice and my teaching. Yogis , athletes, middle aged people, senior citizen… Everybody can benefit from the Oxygen Advantage precepts.

I actually live in Monaco, south of France. I teach privates and collective Yoga / mobility / breathing classes in Monaco and the cities close by. I also organise week end retreats around movement and biohacking techniques in the Mercantour mountains next to my place.

Everybody and all levels are welcome.

Take care,


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