Justine Singleton


  • Australia



My name is Justine, living in Airlie Beach Australia but originally from the UK. I have recently launched my own mobile Pilates business called Whitsundays Pilates. This is a private service for 1:1, Small Groups or Large Groups i.e. Bridal parties. As well as focussed Pilates classes I also offer a Full Body Pilates Experience which begins with functional breathwork leading into functional mobility. I then follow this up with a fully customised Pilates workout, deep stretching and Yoga Nidra meditation. I absolutely love the breathwork techniques that I have learnt whilst becoming an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathwork Instructor. I find it to be the ideal start to a session because it brings clients attention into their body, releases an influx of O2 in preparation for movement, encourages diaphragm breathing (which is very important in Pilates as core muscle activation is the core principle) and increases the oxygenation of the brain allowing my clients to have more focus and concentration to follow my cueing without feeling distracted.  So, for me breathwork works in perfect combination with my other taught practices. PLUS it just makes you feel absolutely wonderful!

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