Kalind Bakshi
United States of America


  • United States of America


Kalind Bakshi, MD is a Retired Vascular Surgeon who practiced for 30 years

After retirement, he took up Life Coaching and his credentials are as follows:

  1. Board Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach (Recertified till 2021)
  2. Master Coach and Coach trainer at the following Institutions:
    • Circle of Life Coach Institute
    • Master Coaching Academy
    • International School of Coaching
    • Self-Fulfillment Institute
  3. Certified Coach in the following subspecialties:
    • Stress Mastery
    • Weight Management
    • Group Coaching
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Food Psychology
    • Coaching Masteries [IAC program]
  4. He has created the following independent Coaching programs and conducted trainings, coaching in the same since 2012:
    • Weight Management
    • Stress Mastery
    • Group Coaching
    • Energy Medicine Coaching
    • Tai Chi/Qigong Coaching
    • Fantasy Football Coaching
  5. Senior Trainer IIQTC [ Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai chi]
  6. Conducted many Training and certification programs in:
    • Life Coaching-Circle of Life
    • Tai Chi/Qigong
  7. He has workshops, Training programs in USA, India and expanding to other countries such as Ireland.

He has deep interest in Energy Medicine, Genetics as well as Holistic Healing practices.


  • To train coaches & Coach trainers who can independently develop coaching tools as well as Coaching programs.
  • Create Coaching formats for specialties
  • Self Learning through Life Coaching principles.

Oxygen Advantage Instructor – 2020

  • Complimentary to Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong
  • Use in day today life
  • Athletes

Residence: Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA

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