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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Kalman Lulek is a holistic health coach with a focus on breathwork and biomechanics. Certified as an Advanced Instructor Trainer through Oxygen Advantage Kalman works with a variety of clients from all ages and walks of life. He has been breathing the OA system since May 2022 and has improved every facet of his life through breath. He believes breath is the first pillar of health and can influence positive changes in mind, body and spirit. With a deep understanding of fascia and the biochemistry of breath, Kalman combines his experience and knowledge to create programs and deliver valuable information to help heal and improve the lives of others.

Kalman’s health journey started in 2016 when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that less than 2,000 people worldwide had at the time. Unable to find answers through western medicine doctors, Kalman took it upon himself to become his own medicine man.

In addition to breath, Kalman has been studying Ayurvedic principles for cleansing, diet and lifestyle. Kalman studies Gene Keys, is a Reflector in Human Design and has been researching the connections between the biochemistry of breath and the amino acids associated with different levels of emotional, spiritual, intellectual and kinesthetic frequencies and vibrations.

Kalman is available to work in person and online. He offers free consultations, programs available for 4-6 month periods and a growing telegram community centered around the “New Earth” concept.

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