Karen Moylett


  • Ireland



Karen is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Nutrition & Health Coach, Buteyko Breathing Instructor & has recently qualified as a Breathing for Yoga Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

Karen’s mission is to teach, guide and help people understand the true benefits of the breath during yoga practice.

Karen teaches corporate groups, 1.1 individual, and has her own yoga classes running in Ballina.

  1. You want to understand how the breath facilitates moving on the mat to experience a new level of yoga
  2. Reduce built up tightness and pain in the body due to dysfunctional breathing habits.
  3. Become more mobile and flexible, reducing tension, stress and anxiety using your breath.

Karen is here to help you.

Testimonial about Karen’s work:

“I recently had some Oxygen Advantage® focused Yoga sessions with Karen. I found Karen absolutely brilliant at explaining the benefits and demonstrating doing the techniques properly. I was amazed at how much easier some of the postures were when I focused on doing the breathing, I actually felt like I was floating on air when doing some sun salutations. I noticed I was a lot more present when doing the poses. It is an absolutely brilliant technique to learn and I have been implementing the breathwork into my day to day life and noticing a much overall better sense of calm and presence.

I highly highly recommend Karen and using these breathing techniques when practising Yoga. It’s a game changer! 🙂 “

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