Karen Rose


  • Canada



Karen Rose is a performance coach based out of Toronto Canada. A leader and visionary in the performance domain she has a special interest in addressing the subtle areas of dysfunction of the body, demonstrating how small seemingly insignificant changes lead to substantial improvements in performance.

A physiotherapist by training Karen has a background in high level sports, advanced performance breath training, stability/mobility and mental performance.

Karen is passionate about personal growth and leading by example. With a vision to facilitate athletes in being the best version of themselves she empowers them to unleash their full potential whether on the pitch, court, or rink. Karen’s big picture is to create a global community of coaches, trainers and athletes who are willing to go deeper in building alignment of athletes through breath, body and mind.

Karen works in person and virtually with clients 1 on 1 and with sports teams.

For more information visit www.alignedfunction.com

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