Karishma Desai


  • Australia


Karishma is a Lifestyle and Wellbeing coach, who is passionate about helping people transform their lives with simple yet practical re-education. She is a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Buteyko Instructor, Cognitive Coach, and a Meditation Trainer.

Karishma has particular interest in functional breathing to improve insomnia and sleep related issues as it benefits people from all walks of life. Her workshops are geared to help and relieve those who are looking at breaking their old patterns to reach their desired outcomes.

Her passion in life is to bring back the original vigour and lustre back in our outer lives by cultivating our inner lives with meaningful feelings. True success in any area of life comes from harvesting our inner self with positive routine, habits, feelings and attitudes that can make us soar to those higher planes of achievement.

She believes in restoring Coherence in our inner and outer world. We can transform our outer lives by cultivating meaningful feelings of love, joy, appreciation, service, enthusiasm, compassion etc. Experiencing these core heart feelings of love, appreciation and compassion enables us to instantly transform our wellbeing as we move away from chaos to Coherence, both, in our inner and outer lives.

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