Karol Meyer


  • Brazil


Karol Meyer’s world involves training, study, dedication, entrepreneurship and love for what she does. Pioneer in teaching freediving (dive only with lungs support), she became one of the first Freediving Instructor Trainer in the world by the AIDA – International Association to Apnea Development. She lives on the Florianopolis island – Brazil and speak fluently Portuguese, English and French.

As Yoga instructor she also developing breathing techniques applied to sports and quality of life.

She achieved 8 world records in the sport freediving, as many others at south american and national records. One of the highlights was the world record attested by Guinness World Records, in 2009, when the athlete stood underwater during for 18 minutes and 32 seconds (Guinness Book 2011, Static apnea with Oxygen preparation, page 110), and have reached the depth of 121meters.

It may be paradoxical, but for an optimal apnea requires an optimal ventilation, that’s how the subject became the focus of her attention, studies and application in your daily life and for her students. Many arrived wanting to learn to dive and left learning much further!

Always looking for several techniques to improve her breathing and performance, and to apply to her students, Karol Meyer became a Low Pressure Fitness Trainer.

She dedicated herself to the study of the Buteiko method and the Oxygen Advantage courses, from which she is now trained as an Instructor.

As an Instructor of the Oxygen Advantage method Karol Meyer sees herself even more structured and motivated to bring the various benefits of breathing to different audiences.

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