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I discovered breathwork during the first lockdown. I was self-employed and working in the wedding industry at the time. As soon as the first round of restrictions was announced, I lost all my work overnight.

My anxiety went through the roof. I was physically tense, my mind was constantly racing, and I couldn’t sleep.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to breathwork – and I immediately became hooked.

I learned about the body-mind connection; and how harnessing my breath could help me to calm my nervous system and soothe my frantic thoughts.

The results were pretty instantaneous.

Working with my breath helped me to stay grounded.

My sleep and energy levels improved, and, gradually I started to feel more optimistic about life.

I was so impressed with the effect that breathwork had on my own life, that I decided to retrain as a breathworker in 2022.

I first trained in the ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ method (with Integrative Breath) and then added to my training with the Oxygen Advantage method in 2023. Both techniques have helped me to cope with the daily stresses and challenges of life, as well as to reach my health and fitness goals.

I now work with a range of people, from business leaders and athletes to stressed-out working parents and teenagers.

All have one thing in common: untapped potential.

Whoever you are, and whatever challenges you’re dealing with, your breath can support you in meeting life head-on. It sounds so simple but harnessing your breath can help you meet and exceed your self-imposed limitations.

I’ve seen it for myself, and I’ve seen it with the hundreds of clients I’ve now worked with.

I offer private sessions from my Cambridge studio and online.

I also offer corporate well-being sessions, both on-site (throughout Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire) and online.

Please get in touch with me via my website or email for more information.

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