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Katie O’Rourke is a musician and Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Functional Breathing Instructor offering private coaching in the Seattle area and online. Katie shares her approach with people of all ages who are interested in optimizing respiratory function to improve health, wellbeing and performance, and has a special interest in working with musicians. Through a mindful exploration of breathing habits, Katie’s clients learn to diffuse stress and find greater ease in life. 

Katie is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and through this work she shares a powerful process of shifting lifelong movement habits through heightened introspective awareness. The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle and highly pleasurable process that encourages development of essential skills such as non-judgement, self-regulation and self-compassion. These skills are necessary for overcoming limitations, maintaining poise, increasing resiliency and approaching life in an integrated, holistic way. 

In addition to her teaching, Katie runs the Awareness Through Music Blog which provides free resources on injury prevention, musicians’ wellness, piano technique, and mindful music pedagogy. Katie is a frequent presenter at local music teachers associations and is a performing member of the Ladies Musical Club of Seattle. 

Book a session with Katie and begin enhancing performance and finding greater ease through respiratory education!

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