Kay Makkinje


  • Switzerland
Hi, my name is Kay Makkinje, a born “dutchie”. I live with my family in Thun, Switzerland. In my work as a physiotherapist in a private practice in Spiez, I mainly treat patients with craniomandibular and craniocervical disorders, patients who suffer from vertigo, dizziness, stress, anxiety (hyperventilation) and pain (chronic).

After reading the book “Breath” from James Nestor a couple of years ago I was fascinated about the importance and power of breathing and started to practice the breathwork myself, by taping my mouth and implementing the exercises in my daily life and sporting activity. These techniques helped me to handle my stress better, get a healthier sleep and improve my fitness. The OA™ breathwork training gave me a fundamental theoretical and practical understanding and the tools to teach my patients simple and effective breathing-exercises (breathe through the nose, breathe light to breathe right, breathe light-slow-deep (LSD)). More and more breath-work became an essential and integral part in my physiotherapy treatment.

In my future work I will show the importance of nose-breathing and functional-breathing techniques and teach as many people as possible in this concept, to give them easy but superstrong tools for a possible distressful and healthy life.

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