Ken Gilbert


  • Belgium



Our journey towards a goal is equally as important as the result. My approach to training follows a functional and practical path. Train your body holistically and respect the way it moves and functions naturally. Let me guide you to achieve a more active lifestyle. Step by step you will re-discover the simple joy of movement, daily tasks, sports and other physical activities. The aim is for you not only to achieve your goal but to enjoy the whole experience and continue with a healthy balanced lifestyle. Train for life, train to live!

Rediscover your natural movement patterns, optimise your breathing habits and learn how to move in a more efficient way with a strong and healthy body.

Be More Active is founded by Ken Gilbert, a personal trainer, movement enthusiast/trail runner based in Belgium. We offer individual and group sessions, workshops and retreats, in English and Flemish (Dutch). Specialised in The Oxygen Advantage, Movnat (Natural Movement), FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), Pose Method of Running and Precision Nutrition.

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