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Do you suffer from stress/anxiety? Do you have respiratory problems like asthma? long covid? COPD?or you simply want to connect with your breathing for reasons of improving wellbeing , I can help you.

I have worked as a sports massage therapist since 2007 and have been blessed with some amazing clients from all walks of life. The highlight must be Maddison Square Gardens working with the England Dodgeball team in 2018 winning the world cup. 

I have worked with inspirational people and been made aware of some great training methods for sports and fitness and great nutrition plans. I have also worked with people who have life affecting illnesses or injuries. In all cases I became more and more aware that the missing piece in their life plans was breathing. It wasn`t being considered at all, that they could improve their quality of life by functional breathing.

I trained in Oxygen Advantage protocols with Gray Caws as my teacher and have since had amazing results reducing clients stress anxiety and in particular reducing the impact of Long Covid and respiratory problems. Recently I have had the opportunity to work with some great athletes to help them improve their fitness. My ethos is simple, bring Oxygen Advantage protocols to the masses. Therefore, we have a structured price plan which allows access for everyone whatever their financial situation. 
We can help you become a functional breather and all the benefits this brings. See more details at or email me at [email protected] 

Thank you
Advanced Oxygen Advantage Coach

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