Kent Earle


  • Canada


Kent Earle is a licensed practicing physiotherapist working out of a large rehabilitation centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He works with a wide range of clinical populations from musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain to performance enhancement.

His exposure to a wide range of clinical populations has highlighted the frequent presence of concurrent dysfunctional breathing patterns to injury, pain and performance challenges. He has been utilizing breathing retraining strategies to assist patients in improving their symptoms, core stability, functional movement, and pain management. Additionally, he has taught healthy and athletic individuals methods to optimize the untapped potential of the breath to improve their well-being and physical capacity.

He enjoys working with all age ranges from children to older adults in helping them to recognize how their breathing pattern is contributing to their symptoms or difficulties, the impact of dysfunctional breathing on many aspects of their lives, how to train to optimize their breathing, and hearing the benefit they report from this simple, yet often overlooked, fundamental activity of breathing.

Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group, Saskatoon SK Canada

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