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Keri Thomson


As a Certified Integral Coach, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation and a CMI Chartered Manager, Keri specialises in organisational, team and individual transformation journeys. Her integrative approach leverages her diverse professional experience, education, and passion for helping people to explore possibilities, stretch mindsets and implement sustainable strategies for self-generative improvement, supporting clients beyond the traditional client relationship.

Having witnessed the powerful effect of basic breath work on holistic well-being, Keri now incorporates Oxygen Advantage® breathing techniques into her coaching programmes to equip clients with the ability to restore natural, healthy breathing. Clients experience physiological, mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship benefits as they build awareness, practice, and move toward an embodied and connected way of being.

Keri has been described as witty, open-minded, calm…and sometimes quirky. The value she brings is grounded in deep knowledge and proven results, allowing her to approach each engagement with confidence in her ability to unleash potential for remarkable results. Her clients enjoy the safe environment she creates and look forward to engaging sessions with a surprising element of fun. They report feeling more confident, motivated, in control and inspired following their time with Keri.

What working with Keri means:

“As your Coach, I will never tell you what to do. I will ask you the questions that catalyse the change process within you. I believe in each individual’s infinite ability and I’ll join you as an accountability partner on your unique transformation adventure.”

Feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn to arrange a virtual call.