Kerrie Opprecht
United States of America


  • United States of America


A lifelong athlete, Kerrie has developed a passion for performance metrics and identifying those elements that can contribute specifically to incremental differences in training results. Defining components like efficient running form, cadence, and consistency allowed her to elevate her athletic performance to new levels, and once she was able to include breathing techniques in her training, she found her own results improved significantly.

Her enthusiasm for helping others identify not just improvements in athletic performance, but also an every day calm and focus from the Oxygen Advantage breathing program has become prime fuel for her interest in performing analysis and coaching for others.

Kerrie focuses particularly on the assessment of an individual’s innate breathing form and revealing symptoms that are indicative of habits and tendencies that could be significantly improved by the Oxygen Advantage program, and has found great satisfaction in working with clients directly to develop new practices in breathing that bring profound changes to athletic performance and every day life.

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