Kerry Riggs
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  • United Kingdom
So now a little about me…. I have been practicing Yoga and Pilates on and off for most of my adult life. As a child, I loved ballet and gymnastics, so I have always enjoyed moving my body. When I left school, I trained to be a massage therapist, then years later an aromatherapist and Reiki healer so even before my movement training, I was drawn to studying the body. It wasn’t until I had a difficult period in my life that Yoga and Pilates became my sanity, I was practicing a lot and lucky enough to find two great teachers who encouraged me to train so I was able to share my passion with others.

I studied for my Pilates Teacher Training with HFE, qualifying in 2018, then a year later I started my Yoga Teacher Training with Heart and Bones Yoga, qualifying in March 2020.

I found that my meditation, breathwork and mindfulness practice really helped me to stay positive, so I did a mindfulness course with The Curious Heart.

I have found breathwork to be more and more interesting so started to explore different areas and decided to do the Oxygen Advantage Advanced teacher training.

This has really sent me down a rabbit hole of the breath body health connection. As a movement teacher I find that enabling people to understand and embody their movement practice helps with all areas of their lives.

I like to work with all different people using breath and movement to help with making their bodies nicer places to live in, from anxiety to pain relieve to performing better at your chosen sport. I really believe that our breath and learning to breathe better can be life changing.

I live in a little village Pyecombe just outside Brighton.

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