Kersten Kimura
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  • United States of America


My name is Kersten Kimura and I help women to build a strong body & resilient mind with the right food, movement, stress management, cold exposure and right breathing.

Over the years, I’ve seen that most fitness programs focus on just food and exercise, but don’t pay much or any attention to stress and nervous system management, but this is a major contributor to our physical and mental wellbeing. I found that many women were anxious, sensitive to stress, had sleep issues, and these were the things that didn’t allow them to get the health results they wanted.

I found that with cold water exposure and right breathing, we can reduce or eliminate many of these problems, bring the body into parasympathetic mode more often, which has a positive effect on not only our mental health but also how our bodies look and feel.

I am located in Phoenix, AZ but mostly work online.

Pinterest: Kersten Kimura PhD | Holistic Health Coach for Sensitive Women
Youtube: UrbanJane

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