Kevin Chamberlain
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom

I started running when a friend challenged me to train to run the 2007 London marathon which initially amused most of my friends.

Whilst my first efforts were not a pretty sight, it kickstarted an interest in managing my health, fitness, and wellbeing. I had discovered how to get an amazing sense of freedom and self-worth.

I continued to run a marathon each year and with each year came a new injury that I would need to research and resolve.

I then attended a ChiRunning course with Gray Caws in 2011 which dramatically improved my running efficiency and stopped the injuries.

I went on to train as a ChiRunning Instructor and an Oxygen Advantage Instructor to further my knowledge and to help others.

Seeing each run as part of a breath and movement practice was a revelation. I find a holistic practice combining running, functional movement and breathwork have a positive impact on my personal and working life.

I encourage clients to follow a similar approach using the AIM Run With Ease programme.

I currently run a regular running club in London and I teach the AIM Run With Ease programme to small groups and individuals – breathwork, postural structure and bio-mechanical efficiency.

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