Kevin Koesveld


  • Netherlands
I am a manual and physiotherapist, trying to puzzle in the grey area to distinguish cause and effect.

Using breathing and breathwork techniques combined with my hands-on interventions has shown great results. The goal is always to regulate the nervous system which will increase the self-healing ability of the body. This is how I came into contact with the Oxygen Advantage Method.

Within my work I want to inform you about multiple domains of health which influence each other. For example; sleep, breathing, eating and stress all relate to each other. Influencing all these areas by getting the right knowledge and actions will help you to feel better, recover better, and breath better.

I am Located in Barendrecht, Zuid Holland (Netherlands), really close to Rotterdam.

My preference is to do these sessions face to face, especially the first session. I you prefer to do a follow up online we can discuss that.

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