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I have spent the last 3 years reading, investigating, and learning as much as I can about breath-work, breathing practices, and protocols to improve my day to day health and athletic performance. Of all the methods I’ve come across I have found the Oxygen Advantage to be the most simple and effective to integrate into everyday life and see measurable positive benefits. As a keen amateur runner, the introduction of nasal breathing has proven key in improving my running form and times.

Having worked in the fashion industry for 17 years, I changed careers to retrain as a primary school teacher 10 years ago. One of the most appealing elements to me of the Oxygen Advantage was the benefit it would have in helping young children learn and embed suitable breathing patterns that would last with them throughout life, reducing the challenges that breathing pattern disorders will lead do. It is never too early or too late to make positive changes in lifestyle and it all starts with the breath – change this and you change everything.

With the vastly different experiences, I have gained in both the commercial sector and working in primary education, I have the experience to present, coach, and deliver from individuals to larger business organizations.

If you are looking to improve your day to day health; feel less stressed; manage your emotional load; improve your athletic performance or help develop focus within your company, I offer 1-2-1, small group classes, and larger open workshops teaching the Oxygen Advantage techniques. I enjoy working with complete beginners through to trained athletes – always tailoring programmes to completely suit each individual’s needs.

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